Welcome to the Internet portal of the company “Elektroistok -Projektni biro” Ltd, founded by the “Elektromreža Srbije” joint-stock company. Activity of the company “Elektroistok -Projektni biro” Ltd is focused on  operations and projects in the field of energy and telecommunications systems, as indicated in the full name of  the company. “Elektroistok -Projektni biro” Ltd, has its own facility of multi-profiled licensed designers specialized to  independently provide complete documentation in the field of electric power . Engineers Employed by „Elektroistok - Projektni biro“ d.o.o. are owners over 60 Personal Licences for Design and Construction, issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers as well as Certificates for Design, issued by Ministry of Mining and Energy. This number grows every day. The company " Elektroistok - design office " Ltd. Is one of the most important project firms in the field of electrical engineering at the highest voltage levels, on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Notable is the  fact that “Elektroistok -Projektni biro” Ltd. Belgrade is one of the few large project firms who, despite all the  difficulties in the past, managed to keep highly qualified staff together, with the constant growth and sustainable  development.